The Off Season

Warm up winter for your clients

Tasmania's Off Season is the perfect time to visit. It’s when Tasmania gets even more Tasmanian and when the uncommon becomes common.

The Off Season campaign represents all that is anti-ordinary about Tassie in winter. Make sure to get your Off Season resources below and invite your clients to wake up this winter and not let it go to waste.

Note: Tourism Tasmania is supporting travellers to embrace winter and revel in the season by providing a limited number of free merino wool long johns at the airport to keep travellers toasty warm during their wild winter adventures.

The Off Season campaign website

Discover all the ways to switch on this Off Season. Whether it’s the almighty roar of a pagan bonfire, the hiss of a lakeside sauna, or the throb of a festival stage, Tasmania in winter is anything but chill. Visit the Tourism Tasmania consumer campaign website - The Off Season - and find out more.

The Off Season Travel Trade Toolkit

Find a summary of all the details on Tourism Tasmania's Off Season campaign. From the truth about winter in Tasmania to how to get involved.

The Off Season downloadable assets

Download the Off Season assets to include in communications with your clients. Find watermarks, eDM headers/footers, email headers/signatures and web banners.

The Off Season Sales Flyers

Download two printable, co-branded flyers which allow you to include your business logo.

The Off Season Posters

Download two printable, customisable* posters and promote The Off Season in your store.

*Note: Editable in Adobe Acrobat.

Wintery Imagery

Register to access Tasmanian winter images and video footage.

List of Operators

Explore more than 100 Off Season experience across Tasmania, created especially for travellers this winter*.

*Note: not all operators are Trade ready.